New UI

May 2, 2008

Well, even though I did like my old UI a lot, you always get tired after a while. The biggest change I wanted was to have more space. So I did a new UI. It looks a bit like my old PvP UI. It’s not completely done yet.

Click me.

Leave a comment if you would like it shared. Also, I still have my old UI. I have gotten a request to upload it, but I’m a bit lazy. 🙂


After two weeks of slacking I finally “completed” the UI. This UI has been harder for me to finish for me for a couple of reasons:

1) I’m not actively using it

2) I couldn’t raid test it or anything like that

3) It was just after a patch, some AddOns were buggy

If you find something that isn’t configured (Grid for sure isn’t) you’ll have to do it yourself I’m afraid. But I think most of you people just want to get your hands on the UI and then make your own personal changes, so here it is.

Screenshot. As you can see, there are no big changes.

And the download link? Uploading right now, keep your eyes on the UI section. 🙂

Most of you might also understand that it will take a while before UICavern is here. Lack of motivation is the biggest reason, me thinks. However we are thinking about finishing the site and working to improve it as a school project. Nothing is decided yet, but should this happen the site wont be released until this fall.

Minimalist UI

January 11, 2008

I was bored, so I threw a minimalist UI together. Not released because there’s tons of stuff I didn’t do, I just did the fun part. 😀

CML was pretty unconfigured though, but it did well in the corner.

Clean | Target and castbar

Yep, I know it’s called cheese, but it was a salute to the Cheez Doodlez I was eating!

This UI will probably not be released.

So I’m not going to do very many UIs for 1280×1024. Main reasons are first that I can’t be arsed doing two verisions of the same UI (I’ve already done a PvP and a PvE verision of my v.2 UI) and also that it’s difficult to do with my screen. However, it’s great when you guys redo my UIs for your resolutions…

… Just like Sokk has!  Here are two screenshots, taken by Darbdave: Target | Casting

If you want it, just go over to the UI Gallery and grab it.

What now?

January 4, 2008

Aight, some of you might’ve been wondering what I’m doing now when my UIs are released. Well, not much. The website is about to go up on a server, but I had to get MySQL on it which takes some time. I have to buy the .com adress as well. Other than that I guess I’m just enjoying the game. I will probably not release any more eePanels art until the website is up and running. 🙂

Website & PvP UI

December 19, 2007

“When will the website be out?!?!?” I’ve been asked from everyone lately. Well, I’m happy to tell you that it’s now… alpha. Some basic functions are there now, you can register, log in and out, upload UIs, Textures and submit tutorials. A comment system is soon implemented as well. At the moment I must say, the structure is awful and the whole site feels very amature-ish so I would be a bit shamed of releasing it now, but since people are begging… It will be released this week.

Concerning the PvP UI I was talking about, I did a classic Siana-thing. I made it 95% complete and then started using it, and now I never fix the remaining 5%. But fear not! I’m planning to do it this evening. Also I’m going to submit a screenshot for you asap. It reminds pretty much of the latest UI, the structure is just a little bit different and the whole thing is smaller.

Christmas soon, by the way! As the gentlemen I am, I’ve done a dwarf male called “Fatherxmas” and sent over lots of green items, pets and some blue items and even one or two epic items(!). These items will all be handed out in Ironforge on friday 21th. You are all more than welcome to come to Ironforge, Kazzak and watch and talk to Santa, but I’m afraid that no level 1s will get any presents. This is simply because:

1) I want people to acctually get some use of the gifts.

2) Then people could just create a bunch of level 1s and then send over all the items to their mains. I want each person to get one gift.

Here‘s the thread about it, if you’re interested (which you probably aren’t :D). Cheers!

A first peak at the website

December 6, 2007

Allrighty, I’ve finnally finished my part and the design of the new website is COMPLETE. All though there’s a little bug in Firefox, we’ll solve it shortly. Now we just need to fill the website! 🙂

I’m gonna fix a link asap, atm the site isn’t hosted.


November 23, 2007

Allrighty. So I haven’t posted for a long time. The answer is simple; I’ve been working on the new website I’ve been talking about.

The name is going to be “UICavern”. A BETA should be up pretty soon.

Also, you might be wondering… I’ve been talking about my 1680×1050 resolution, but I haven’t posted any UI pictures. Well, I just haven’t bothered with fixing anything. So at the moment I have a very unfinished and bad looking UI. Click here if you want to see how it looks like, and you’ll understand what I mean… 😀

Anyway, keep scrobblin, more news should be up pretty soon.

Also, thursday-sunday next week I’ll be at DreamHack, the world’s biggest LAN. If anyone’s coming, see ya there. 😉

Allright, so I’m not doing any textures at the moment because I’m working on the design on the new website.

>> HERE << is a link to what it’s looking like now, but that’s a very early phase and it’s probably going to change some. Also the logo art (Illidan shown on the pic) changes everytime the page reloads. 🙂

Caze just posted his UI for me in a comment: Link.

Well done! Looks very nice!

Also, great work by Eliments with this: Link.

Seems like the Alliance is creating the art, and the Horde is using it, eh? 😀

Keep posting your UIs if you’re using anything of mine, It’s very fun to see!

Also for you who were hoping for the fix on my second skin – I’m afraid I lost the .PSD file. 😦

Sit tight though, and I’ll give you guys more eePanels2 art!

Oh, and another thing. I’m about to buy a 20″ widescreen (1650×1050). This means all my UIs will be in that resolution. I’m not sure how this will affect my texture work though.