May 19, 2008

Yeah yeah, I know I’m slacking. 🙂

Unfortunately the slack will continue for now. I am not creating as many UIs as I once did – these days I become so satisfied with my UI so I don’t need to keep playing around. Also I’m not using that much art any longer for a cleaner look, which unfortunately kind of kills the soul purpose of this blog. Sure, UICavern is a great idea and I should still publish it – but as I’ve already explained, I am kind of saving it for a school project which means I cannot complete it before we start working with that project, which will be in about half a year.

Things that I should do, however, is…

… Fix the minimalist UI release that somehow did not work.

… Release my current UI.

And I will try and do this asap. However, summer time coming up and I wont be spending as much time at the computer. Survive until fall. I promise – it’ll be worth it. 😉


New UI

May 2, 2008

Well, even though I did like my old UI a lot, you always get tired after a while. The biggest change I wanted was to have more space. So I did a new UI. It looks a bit like my old PvP UI. It’s not completely done yet.

Click me.

Leave a comment if you would like it shared. Also, I still have my old UI. I have gotten a request to upload it, but I’m a bit lazy. 🙂

Minimalist UI problems

April 28, 2008

I’ve read some comments about the Minimalist UI not working as intended. Is it like this for everyone? Please drop a comment. 🙂

After two weeks of slacking I finally “completed” the UI. This UI has been harder for me to finish for me for a couple of reasons:

1) I’m not actively using it

2) I couldn’t raid test it or anything like that

3) It was just after a patch, some AddOns were buggy

If you find something that isn’t configured (Grid for sure isn’t) you’ll have to do it yourself I’m afraid. But I think most of you people just want to get your hands on the UI and then make your own personal changes, so here it is.

Screenshot. As you can see, there are no big changes.

And the download link? Uploading right now, keep your eyes on the UI section. 🙂

Most of you might also understand that it will take a while before UICavern is here. Lack of motivation is the biggest reason, me thinks. However we are thinking about finishing the site and working to improve it as a school project. Nothing is decided yet, but should this happen the site wont be released until this fall.

2.4 launched!

March 27, 2008

Aight, 2.4 is finally here. After I’ve enjoyed it some, the promised minimalist UI will be released. 🙂

Well, at december 19th 2007 it was exactly a year since I bought World of Warcraft. I thought I was going to mention it before, but forgot. Anyway I got a little nostalgic feeling today and thought I’d go dig and see what old screenshots of my UI I could find. Here are the ones I’ve saved, enjoy!

 My first UI! Or well, UI and UI… All I had was titanpanel, pretty much. Notice the level. Also notice the size of the screen – I was playing on laptop back then.

I dinged 70 and decided to try better. I got skinner, ag_Unitframes,  and a food/mount/pot AddOn.

I can’t believe I acctually managed to raid with the laptop. Anyway, notice the tremendous ammounts of buttons. First time I faced Gruul – notice DamageMeters!

Gnome race. I didn’t have a screenshot with this UI on my main, but it looked similar. I had ultimate UI art, yay.

First time I tried eePanels out! Waaah!

I did it somewhat cleaner.

I think this is the first UI I acctually released. There was also a picture and a review of this UI in the swedish gaming magazine “Level”. w00t!

Aaaand you can pretty much find the rest of this history on this site. Hope I didn’t bore you guys too much, but at least it certainly shows that anyone can make good UIs with some practice! 🙂

UICavern UP.

January 17, 2008

The BETA site, UICavern is acctually up now as we talk. However there are some things we need to do (it’s far from finished) before releasing it public. Just wanted to say, so that you know that some things are acctually happening. Good luck finding it! 🙂

Minimalist UI

January 11, 2008

I was bored, so I threw a minimalist UI together. Not released because there’s tons of stuff I didn’t do, I just did the fun part. 😀

CML was pretty unconfigured though, but it did well in the corner.

Clean | Target and castbar

Yep, I know it’s called cheese, but it was a salute to the Cheez Doodlez I was eating!

This UI will probably not be released.

So I’m not going to do very many UIs for 1280×1024. Main reasons are first that I can’t be arsed doing two verisions of the same UI (I’ve already done a PvP and a PvE verision of my v.2 UI) and also that it’s difficult to do with my screen. However, it’s great when you guys redo my UIs for your resolutions…

… Just like Sokk has!  Here are two screenshots, taken by Darbdave: Target | Casting

If you want it, just go over to the UI Gallery and grab it.

Back to PvE.

January 8, 2008

I’ve now decided to start PvEing again! This means my current UI wont do it for me, and I’m going to have to get a PvE UI. I could just download my PvE UI but I’m acctually going to build a new one instead. It’s funnier that way. 🙂