Update! \o/

February 1, 2009

I guess most of you people have given up on me by now. Nobody is seeing any posts from me in the Interface Forum and UICavern.com doesn’t even seem to be up any longer.

So I thought I’d give you guys a status report:

I still play WoW, but I’ve migrated to Darksorrow (EU) and my name is now Siiana. I’m still working on UICavern, believe it or not, but it’s more of a school project than a serious project now. I don’t think it’ll become very big because there are really so much better sites out there. The server UICavern was on was shut down, but we will toss it up on a different server later on. For now we’re just working with it offline… I wouldn’t want to get my hopes up if I were you though, go use Curse.com or whatever. ^_^

Anyhoo’, if you miss me, I’m currently doing some videos now and then and tossing them up on YouTube. Click HERE to visit my YT channel.

Peace out. 🙂