The final update

September 10, 2008

So. I guess most of you people lost faith in me during the long break I took, and I can’t blame you.


So, what is the future for the blog and for UICavern?


Concerning the blog, consider it dead. A blog was a very stupid way to present files and UIs in the first place, and I will not continue it. The blog will still be up though, for people to download the textures or read the guides. It still has an average of 200 visitors per day which warms my heart!


And what about Fear not! UICavern WILL have a future. Today, me and a classmate finally settled that we will use it for our 1-year school project. However, this classmate is not the original programmer which I worked with when I first created UICavern. The old programmer was somewhat more skilled, but we will put our brains together and work hard!


So, keep looking at I know it’s been looking dead for almost a year now, but things will finally start happening to it. I might update my progress straight onto it, or in this blog – but probably not. So I guess this’ll be my final post here. Thank you for following this blog’s progress, it was a funny ride. A special thanks to Caze who’s probably been the most active reader. I’ll see you all on UICavern! 🙂


5 Responses to “The final update”

  1. Caze said

    Ooh, a mention! How exciting

    I liked the prospect of uicavern from the start, gotta stick to it 😉

  2. Siana said

    Awesome. ^_^

    Start playing again if you haven’t already btw, and of course migrate to Boulderfist! I’ve rerolled horde there.

  3. Caze said

    I’ve decided I won’t be playing WoW again until I have enough time to devote to it, unfortunately enough it kind of messed with my work and I’m not willing to let it interfere this time. If I do come back however, I’m sure I’ll go for Boulderfist since most of my friends have left already as well. I’m still keeping track either way!

    And I see Wowace has managed to collapse? How unfortunate :/

  4. Wise said

    In case you care, the vast majority of links you have in your blog to images are broken~

  5. Siana said

    Caze: I went back to my human, alliance ftw ^_^”

    Wise: I know, the server they were on is forever down and I will not ever get them back unfortunately.

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