May 19, 2008

Yeah yeah, I know I’m slacking. 🙂

Unfortunately the slack will continue for now. I am not creating as many UIs as I once did – these days I become so satisfied with my UI so I don’t need to keep playing around. Also I’m not using that much art any longer for a cleaner look, which unfortunately kind of kills the soul purpose of this blog. Sure, UICavern is a great idea and I should still publish it – but as I’ve already explained, I am kind of saving it for a school project which means I cannot complete it before we start working with that project, which will be in about half a year.

Things that I should do, however, is…

… Fix the minimalist UI release that somehow did not work.

… Release my current UI.

And I will try and do this asap. However, summer time coming up and I wont be spending as much time at the computer. Survive until fall. I promise – it’ll be worth it. 😉


New UI

May 2, 2008

Well, even though I did like my old UI a lot, you always get tired after a while. The biggest change I wanted was to have more space. So I did a new UI. It looks a bit like my old PvP UI. It’s not completely done yet.

Click me.

Leave a comment if you would like it shared. Also, I still have my old UI. I have gotten a request to upload it, but I’m a bit lazy. 🙂