Gnome Bounce event on saturday!

February 5, 2008

Well, if you thought the only thing I did was UIs and art, you were wrong! Sometimes I get sick ideas and have some server events!

This saturday, 10/2, at 16PM server time, I’m going to try and recreate the Sony bravia commercial “Color like no other”. To my help I need a lot of gnomes!

Read the thread for more information. EU servers only. 🙂


3 Responses to “Gnome Bounce event on saturday!”

  1. Rossoneri said

    Almost made me make a gnome 😀 Not sure if Ill have time, but Ill try to get on Kazzak at that time 😀

  2. Doktah said

    Hey, I am trying to access your EEpanels2 guide but it says the account is suspended. Would you be able to email me the guide? I just started using this addon and I want to create some textures.


  3. Irgnoam/Dûzzkèÿ said

    Damnit, you should have done it later so I could have joined 😦 was on vacation at that time (yay, an extra week of schoollessness!)

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