UICavern UP.

January 17, 2008

The BETA site, UICavern is acctually up now as we talk. However there are some things we need to do (it’s far from finished) before releasing it public. Just wanted to say, so that you know that some things are acctually happening. Good luck finding it! 🙂


9 Responses to “UICavern UP.”

  1. Irgnoam/Dûzzkèÿ said

    Awesome 😛

  2. Caze said

    I found nothing but some spanish forums on UICavern, then the link disappeared from Google altogether minutes later O_O

  3. Siana said

    Lol 😀 don’t worry, you’ll get the link asap.

  4. Caze said

    Excellent, I’m half way through my very first compilation of my own and I can’t wait to upload 😉

  5. Irgnoam/Dûzzkèÿ said

    What’s the name of the site? Tried uicavern.com with no lick 😛

  6. Irgnoam/Dûzzkèÿ said

    man I hate typos…

  7. Irgnoam/Dûzzkèÿ said

    and again, not name.. address… sorry for posting so much :S

  8. Siana said

    Hehe, that’s the thing. I wont register the .com adress or release the adress until I feel like it’s ready. 😉

  9. Rossoneri said

    Anyone found the adress? Been trying to find it for a loong time now 😀 http://www.sijenna.wordpress.com/everything

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