Website & PvP UI

December 19, 2007

“When will the website be out?!?!?” I’ve been asked from everyone lately. Well, I’m happy to tell you that it’s now… alpha. Some basic functions are there now, you can register, log in and out, upload UIs, Textures and submit tutorials. A comment system is soon implemented as well. At the moment I must say, the structure is awful and the whole site feels very amature-ish so I would be a bit shamed of releasing it now, but since people are begging… It will be released this week.

Concerning the PvP UI I was talking about, I did a classic Siana-thing. I made it 95% complete and then started using it, and now I never fix the remaining 5%. But fear not! I’m planning to do it this evening. Also I’m going to submit a screenshot for you asap. It reminds pretty much of the latest UI, the structure is just a little bit different and the whole thing is smaller.

Christmas soon, by the way! As the gentlemen I am, I’ve done a dwarf male called “Fatherxmas” and sent over lots of green items, pets and some blue items and even one or two epic items(!). These items will all be handed out in Ironforge on friday 21th. You are all more than welcome to come to Ironforge, Kazzak and watch and talk to Santa, but I’m afraid that no level 1s will get any presents. This is simply because:

1) I want people to acctually get some use of the gifts.

2) Then people could just create a bunch of level 1s and then send over all the items to their mains. I want each person to get one gift.

Here‘s the thread about it, if you’re interested (which you probably aren’t :D). Cheers!


One Response to “Website & PvP UI”

  1. Rossoneri said


    Cant wait to see it, eventough you think its a bit amature-ish 😉

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