Sorry for the slack, but it’s finally here! My PvP edition of the 2nd Siana UI.

Here’s the new screenshot of it. There’s one thing with it that still isn’t very nicely configed, and that’s DBM, but I’ll leave that to you guys.

Just head over to the UI Gallery and grab it. Note: This is a PvP UI. It hasn’t got a good raid frame, or Omen, or other essential PvE AddOns. Feel free to use it for PvE, but you might have to add some things to it.

One more thing. On the left hand side the blue line is a bit thinner than the others. The reason for that is because I play in Windowed Mode. I might release a fix for it, but to be honest, it’s such a small detail so you should be able to take care of it yourselves.


Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2007

Ho ho ho! Fun times, fun times.

Alright, so where’s my PvP UI? Well, it’s acctually finished… I’m just lazy. Too much christmas work to do, I’ve had no time to upload it. I’ll do it soon, I promise. 😛

And where’s the BETA of the website? Well, don’t blame me this time, the guy responsible for the server is never online so it’s hard to get it up. I’ll keep trying, he will probably be easier to get in contact with when christmas is over.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Screenshot of the PvP UI

December 19, 2007

Here’s already two screenshots up, yay! The first one is pretty much as clean as it can get. Second screenshot is with target, target of target, castbar and target’s castbar.

Clean | Target

Enjoy. 🙂

Website & PvP UI

December 19, 2007

“When will the website be out?!?!?” I’ve been asked from everyone lately. Well, I’m happy to tell you that it’s now… alpha. Some basic functions are there now, you can register, log in and out, upload UIs, Textures and submit tutorials. A comment system is soon implemented as well. At the moment I must say, the structure is awful and the whole site feels very amature-ish so I would be a bit shamed of releasing it now, but since people are begging… It will be released this week.

Concerning the PvP UI I was talking about, I did a classic Siana-thing. I made it 95% complete and then started using it, and now I never fix the remaining 5%. But fear not! I’m planning to do it this evening. Also I’m going to submit a screenshot for you asap. It reminds pretty much of the latest UI, the structure is just a little bit different and the whole thing is smaller.

Christmas soon, by the way! As the gentlemen I am, I’ve done a dwarf male called “Fatherxmas” and sent over lots of green items, pets and some blue items and even one or two epic items(!). These items will all be handed out in Ironforge on friday 21th. You are all more than welcome to come to Ironforge, Kazzak and watch and talk to Santa, but I’m afraid that no level 1s will get any presents. This is simply because:

1) I want people to acctually get some use of the gifts.

2) Then people could just create a bunch of level 1s and then send over all the items to their mains. I want each person to get one gift.

Here‘s the thread about it, if you’re interested (which you probably aren’t :D). Cheers!

Update & Release info!

December 13, 2007

Hello everybody! Not far left to christmas, and I’m having a hell of a time with work. Anyway, I need to give you some hot updates about my progress!

Let’s start off with the UI I showed a picture of a while back. It’s pretty much finished. The reason it took me so long is because I’ve stopped raiding, and that makes configuring Omen and such not really nessecary. Acctually, Omen yet isn’t configured! But I’m going to leave that to you.

So, there’s a few things that aren’t completely configured in my new UI, but most of it should work allright.

Here’s a screenshot of it: Click me!

If you want it, just head over to the UI Gallery and download it.

So why would I release an almost finished UI? Well, the answer is quite simple: since I’m now PvPing, I do not intend to keep that UI. I want more screen space, get rid of Grid, replace the space with a Combat Log, get PvP AddOns such as Proximity and probably NCB. So there’ll be a PvP UI released later on. Of course you can use the PvP release for PvE and vice versa. Please remember that all my UIs are in the resolution 1680×1050 now.

For all of you waiting intensely for the website, I’m afraid you’re gonna have to wait a while more. Don’t get me wrong; we ARE working on it. At the moment the website’s design is 100% working and a database for registering and logging in is pretty much done. The problem is that there’s not much sense in releasing the website with that little done. Keep making and saving all your art and the UIs you’re proud of for a future upload! 🙂

Computer fix’d!

December 6, 2007


So, I was just about to pick out my graphics card to send it back to the shop, when I tried putting everything back into the system one last time… And guess what? It worked! Seemed like the problem was just a RAM memory stick that was a bit loose. This means, I’m one step closer to finishing my new UI! Going to do some changes first though, I’ve been scrobbling loads of forums and threads while being unable to play, so I have some new inspiration. 🙂

A first peak at the website

December 6, 2007

Allrighty, I’ve finnally finished my part and the design of the new website is COMPLETE. All though there’s a little bug in Firefox, we’ll solve it shortly. Now we just need to fill the website! 🙂

I’m gonna fix a link asap, atm the site isn’t hosted.

Older updates

December 5, 2007

Well, in a thread at the WoW-Europe forums I came to realize that the tribal art in the downloads section is in fact broken. It’s a bit smaller now, but now it should work fine. Please report any other not working .tga files (file pieces that are in wrong resolution and not the power of 2).

Allright, now I’m back home. DreamHack Winter -07 was a huge success and I enjoyed every second. I didn’t get much work done there, though. Even though I came pretty far on my new UI, I never touched the website.

Anyway, once I got home, I plugged in my comp and… Woop? I got no picture on my screen. Something serious has happened. I’m gonna check what it is tomorrow and hopefully I’ll solve it pretty soon.

What will this mean?
Well, at the moment I’m at my laptop with a 1024×768 resolution. It would be a pain in the ass to work on the website with this resolution, and completely impossible to work on the UI. I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience and I really hope to solve the problem as soon as possible, I really want a BETA up for the website. Also, some of you might wonder why it has taken so long… Well, the answer is simple: 1024×768. That resolution is destroying my world. Everytime I think I’m done with the design, I still realize that an important part of the website is too wide and therefore it wouldn’t work in 1024px width. I think I’ve redone big parts of the website 4-5 times or so to get it correctly. I was so close of finishing it… But now, well, I guess we’ll have to wait.