eePanels2 “How to apply textures” tutorial

October 24, 2007

Allright, I’ve been having some questions on how to apply custom textures with eePanels2, here are some short instructions on how to do that.

1. You need to have the AddOn “eePanels2”. You can download it here.

2. Put it in the Interface/AddOns folder.

3. Now, place your custom textures in the Interface/AddOns/eePanels2 folder.

4. Start WoW and log in to your character.

5. Type /eepanels2 and you’ll get up a menu. Tick “Advanced mode”. Create a new panel (hopefully you know how to do this). Rightclick the panel, go to background texture -> custom texture and fill in this: Interface\AddOns\eePanels2\NAMEONYOURTEXTURE.tga

6. Your texture should now be applied. Just resize, remove border and what else you need to do. 🙂


17 Responses to “eePanels2 “How to apply textures” tutorial”

  1. Caze said

    Okay, I’m not too sure how you’re supposed to respond to this or if you can do anything at all, but

    Nothing happens when I fill in the path to the custom texture and press enter, or anything else.

  2. Caze said

    wtb edit function on this blog

    Just relogged and got it working, sorry for:

    1. spamming your blog
    2. asking something when it was so easy to figure out
    3. anything else?

    Anyway, these textures are great and I’ve bookmarked the blog in case you come out with anything else 😀

    /target Siana

  3. Siana said

    Hehe, I know it can bug sometimes but usually it works when you logout. If you’re making your own textures in PS, make sure you close down PS with the files before starting WoW. And np, comments are great! 😀

  4. Demisirius said

    Yeah. Maybe i should update the sticky 🙂 It is valid with eEpanels2 too.

  5. Caze said

    A few days later and I have UI up and running for good. Thought you might like to see it 🙂

    A little messy here and there but I’m always busy and don’t always have time to configure my UI 😛

    Looking forward to your next piece of work!

  6. Siana said

    Wow, very nicely done! 😀

  7. Nintho said

    So. i was trying to install a customskin you posted here but when im filling in the directions to the skin he wont show it.. ive tried reloading my UI and all that but still nothing.. any clue what im doing wrong or didnt do at all..
    ive done pretty much everything in that small guide of yours :>

  8. Siana said

    Which custom skin was it? Check that:

    1. It’s 512×512
    2. Is a .tga image

    Also make sure you write the adres correctly. A common mistake is to write eePanels\… instead of eePanels2\…

    If you’re sure you’ve made everything correct, close WoW and all the folders and programs concerning the image and start WoW again. I usually get this problem when I’m trying to add a picture when I have it open in Photoshop.

  9. Nintho said

    Oke im gonna try that now im not quite sure how to see if its 512×512 cause i dont have photoshop since im a big noob with mods and skins and all that stuff. but i did have allot of folders open when trying to get it open so we’ll see if that works

  10. Nintho said

    I did download it from you though so it should be 512×512 then i hope ? :>

  11. Siana said

    It should be. To see the size, simply hover your mouse over the image file. Also make sure that it’s a tga file and not a png file.

  12. Banditt said

    I’ve gotten the skins to appear just fine, but the bacground that’s surrounding the art is solid black and i need it to be transparent so that only the art is shown. How would i go about doing this?

    Thanks in advance, Banditt

  13. Siana said

    That means you haven’t configured the alpha layers on your TGA. Google on alpha layers and see if you can find out how to do (it’s a bit long to explain) 😛

  14. noobie91 said

    HELP i didd all the 1,2,3,4and 5
    and i dont get the texture aplyed=(
    i have done everything from the guid but it wont work.
    i have the .tga pic
    and by 512×512 you meen CM?
    i cant find out what i do wrong
    i am new to eePanels2 😛

  15. noobie91 said

    woot lol i did it

  16. Wes16Z said

    Someone please help me i have an image(256×256).tga file. and i have followed your steps exactly. Tried everything.

  17. Nuudle said

    /wave! I’m getting alittle anoyed with the addon… I realy like it because it is handy and looks good. but when i try to do any options with it, i get some kind of fail alarm, like addon doesn’t work. then all goes Yellow. I don’t get it, Halp! eePanels2

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