Visitor record – Texture fix coming

October 23, 2007

Allright. First off, thanks for the insane ammount of visits yesterday. My previous record of unique visits in one day was 179, and yesterday it flew up to 341! Keep scrobbling, this is keeping me motivated to provide you with more.

I’ve also gotten some demands (thx for the comments! <3) on some tutorials for how to use my resources, and some wonderings about my latest additions, the textures.

Yep, they were completely untested and they probably didn’t work straight away. I’ll therefore fix them this evening and upload them again. Also I’m planning to give you some textures for SharedMedia, so that you can use them for several AddOns like PitBull, ElkBuffBars, Omen and pretty much any addon that uses that kind of textures. You can se an example of this in my latest UI.

Sit tight and I’ll provide you guys with what you need. 🙂


6 Responses to “Visitor record – Texture fix coming”

  1. Rossoneri said

    Love you Siana! Keep up the good work 😉 Looking really much forward to your toturials

  2. Siana said

    Thanks. Anytime. 😀

  3. Eliments said

    Yo! Just passing through. Looks like some awesome graphics and very nicely tied together art you have here. Glad I stumbled upon this little website. The interface that you have setup for you game is amazingly well put together. Everything flows very nicely. You have a wonderfully beautiful artistic touch. I like your style. Keep doing what you love. ^^ Feel free to email or drop by my website. Although be advised it’s not as nice as yours 😛 And it’s not been updated in some time. Also I’m open for email anytime 😀 Take care till next time.

  4. Siana said

    Hello and thanks for the comment. Lovely website, I’ll surely check it out more later on. 🙂

  5. Eliments said

    Here’s what I did with your tribal texture ^^

    Thanks so much for creating it. Your awesome. 😛

  6. Siana said

    Wow, that’s very nice indeed. I’ll try and make your request asap, just got very many requests atm ^^

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