First texture fix up

October 23, 2007

Allright, so now I’ve fixed the first texture by cutting it up into three 512×512 .tga files. I’m replacing the file in the downloads section now. Here‘s a screenie of it.

I’m a bit busy so I acctually don’t have time for the second texture at the moment, but I’ll fix it tomorrow if I can, and write a short tutorial while I’m on it.


4 Responses to “First texture fix up”

  1. Rossoneri said

    ❤ Siana!

    Dont stress and get a heart-attack. We need you!
    Btw: Any chance you could make a texture with a bit more space for action-bars? I like to see the action-bars Im pressing ^^ And I like to have all what I need xP

  2. Caze said

    Hey, I’ve been refreshing your blog every 5 minutes to see if there was another update 😛

    Sorry to bug you, but no eePanels guides are telling me how to import the custom textures in. I’m up to finding the location of the textures. I’ve put them in the folder. And I assume you split three separate panels up and have one texture on each?

    But nothing is happening when I give the address of the textures.

  3. Eliments said

    Just curious 😛 What addons do you use? Thanks in advance. Take care ^^

  4. Siana said

    Visible addons for this screenshot is Squeenix, PitBull, Prat, eePanels2 and Bartender with cyCircled_Vol. I’ll see what I can do with a new texture, and I’m going to write a tutorial asap.

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