Siana’s UI – Released!

October 7, 2007

So, I feel pretty finished with my UI now and I have decided to release it.

 Clean (but with target and ToT)
In raid with Omen, swstats and grid

Some people don’t like this texture. And, if you like the structure of the UI but not the texture, it’s fairly easy to change (however I love the texture 🙂 ).

Also. As you can see I am a shadow priest so the UI is optimal for them. Of course you can use it as any class, but you might have to config it a little. For instance, a warlock might have too many DoTs for the ClassTimer, so it wont be enough. Then you have to change the options so the bars aren’t that high. I also have some hidden bars and a bar with healing spells for when I pop out of shadow form.

Anyway, less talking, HERE is the download link!

Install instructions:

1. Click the link and then download the UI.

2. Exctract the rar.

3. Make a backup copy of your old WTF and Interface folders, and then replace them with the new ones from the rar.

4. Enter the WTF folder and rename “ACCOUNT NAME” with your account name, “REALM” with your realm and “CHARACTER NAME”  with your character name (simple enough, eh?).

5. Start WoW and you should now have Siana’s UI. Congratulations!


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