eePanels2 Textures

October 7, 2007

When I looked around in the blog stats I saw that some people had came here from searching for “eePanels2 Textures Download”. Knowing that this blog don’t have any textures for eePanels2, I felt sorry for those poor boys. So! I thought I’d upload some textures for you guys! Some of them are 100% made by me, and some of them are just slightly configured by me.

NOTICE: None of these are complete .tga files with alpha. They are patterns in PNG, so you’ll have to make them .tga yourself. They have no transparency so they are no real art pictures but only patterns – but as you might’ve seen on my screenshots, patterns can do some sweet stuff as well.

Black flower

Black gradient stripes

Blue tape


Red stripes


Warning tape

White grass

White paint



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