October 5, 2007

Wooho! I’m acctually getting somewhere! I’m now pretty close to done, I just have to fix some raid AddOns and then parent some eePanels to them and I should be all set and you should be able to download it pretty soon if you want to. 🙂

Pic 1, pic 2.

For you who wonder how I made my own texture it was very easy. I simply opened a random texture in the SharedMedia lib folder, used that format and filled with my texture. First I saved my texture in the folder with a name of it’s own, but that didn’t work (guess you have to edit the lua files or so) so I simply replaced it with another texture and voila, I could apply it pretty much everywhere. Therefore, it’s not hard at all for anyone to change this texture – so if you like my setup but hate the texture (which I don’t understand how anyone can, damasks ftw 🙂 ), feel free to download and change texture (once the download link is up).


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