Siana’s UI plans

October 3, 2007

Allright, so I’ve started planning my upcoming UI. This picture is made in Photoshop: Link.

I’m aware some things aren’t possible, and I’m gonna fix some stuff, but it’s about like so. As you can see, it’s featuring my favourite damask which is also in my banner for this blog. 😀

And YES, I’m terribly aware that my UI somewhat reminds of Weiyan’s UI. But, I’ve acctually been working for this kind of idea for a long time, even before I saw his UI. And, to be honest, the only thing that’s making our UIs look much like eachother is because of the damask, unless that it’s not the same structure at all.


Woop, just realized I forgot to place out the “ToT” text over the ToT unitframes. But, hell, I guess you understood that anyway.


Accidently removed the picture in the link. 😦


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