Omgphatloots is… down!

October 1, 2007

Thought I’d inform you, if you didn’t know already, that, my favourite UI blog is closed down.

/take my ball and going home

Too busy to maintain/update the site.

I nominate the elitistjerks forums as an excellent substitute, and I hopefully might still post there from time to time.

I kinda want to have Halcyone’s babies. Ryas is my homeboy. Caith ist mein Liebling. And I’m still not sure if tapestry is a guy or a girl \O_o/. Chimaine is the best designer ever. Lozerath is my mortal enemy. Crazy person from Amsterdam who posted like 700 comments today under different fake e-mails is a tool.

Much love // Peace to the streets.

P.S. Site coming down in 24 hours! WARN THE MASSES!”

Very sad to see this. Guess y’all gotta start scrobbling my blog more now, then… 😀


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