Siana goes 1680×1050!

October 31, 2007

Allrighty. So I gave my old CRT screen a proper goodbye and took a step into the new generation. I now have myself a 20″ flat widescreen! And I love it.

This means, from hereby all my UIs will be in 1680×1050. Some people might get upset, but I doubt many will – after all, most of my visitors come here for the art. 🙂


Tribal eePanels texture

October 27, 2007

Allright, here’s a quick release of some corner art for eePanels.

Preview picture: Link.

This pack contains four parts, one for each corner. It’s completely untested but should work fine. Every image is made by the power of 2, but the size of them may differ.

Please comment if you get any problems with it.

Download link: Click, also available in download section.

Also: If I were to put that art into my UI, of course I wouldn’t have placed them like I did on the preview picture. I’d probably scale them down or just make parts of them visible. 😉

Caze just posted his UI for me in a comment: Link.

Well done! Looks very nice!

Also, great work by Eliments with this: Link.

Seems like the Alliance is creating the art, and the Horde is using it, eh? 😀

Keep posting your UIs if you’re using anything of mine, It’s very fun to see!

Also for you who were hoping for the fix on my second skin – I’m afraid I lost the .PSD file. 😦

Sit tight though, and I’ll give you guys more eePanels2 art!

Oh, and another thing. I’m about to buy a 20″ widescreen (1650×1050). This means all my UIs will be in that resolution. I’m not sure how this will affect my texture work though.

Quick search on WoWHead

October 26, 2007

Allright, here’s a little tip for all you WoWHead users with Mozilla Firefox.

Go here and press the WoWHead link. Accept the window that pops up. You can now use quicksearch with WoWhead in the search field in Firefox!

And yep, I’m going to fix the second texture… And make your requests… 😛

Allright, I’ve been having some questions on how to apply custom textures with eePanels2, here are some short instructions on how to do that.

1. You need to have the AddOn “eePanels2”. You can download it here.

2. Put it in the Interface/AddOns folder.

3. Now, place your custom textures in the Interface/AddOns/eePanels2 folder.

4. Start WoW and log in to your character.

5. Type /eepanels2 and you’ll get up a menu. Tick “Advanced mode”. Create a new panel (hopefully you know how to do this). Rightclick the panel, go to background texture -> custom texture and fill in this: Interface\AddOns\eePanels2\NAMEONYOURTEXTURE.tga

6. Your texture should now be applied. Just resize, remove border and what else you need to do. 🙂

First texture fix up

October 23, 2007

Allright, so now I’ve fixed the first texture by cutting it up into three 512×512 .tga files. I’m replacing the file in the downloads section now. Here‘s a screenie of it.

I’m a bit busy so I acctually don’t have time for the second texture at the moment, but I’ll fix it tomorrow if I can, and write a short tutorial while I’m on it.

Allright. First off, thanks for the insane ammount of visits yesterday. My previous record of unique visits in one day was 179, and yesterday it flew up to 341! Keep scrobbling, this is keeping me motivated to provide you with more.

I’ve also gotten some demands (thx for the comments! <3) on some tutorials for how to use my resources, and some wonderings about my latest additions, the textures.

Yep, they were completely untested and they probably didn’t work straight away. I’ll therefore fix them this evening and upload them again. Also I’m planning to give you some textures for SharedMedia, so that you can use them for several AddOns like PitBull, ElkBuffBars, Omen and pretty much any addon that uses that kind of textures. You can se an example of this in my latest UI.

Sit tight and I’ll provide you guys with what you need. 🙂

Roth UI v.2

October 22, 2007

Thought I might as well throw up Roth UI v.2 here since some people are coming here from searching for it. Good job as usual, Rothar!


Two new textures up!

October 22, 2007

Allright, the last two posted textures are now up and available for download. Just go to the download section and grab’em. 😉

I have to add one thing, though. I haven’t in any way tested them, to get them up fast. They’re in 1280×1024 and I’m not sure if that runs with eePanels(2). If that’s the case you’re gonna have to resize them (or ask me to do it if you don’t know how to). 😛

Also, please, leave a comment. This blog has got about 130 unique visitors each day and about 4000 visitors each month, and so far I’ve gotten 2 comments from all of them. 😦

But hey, I guess my work is so astonishing so you don’t know what to say, eh? 😀

Allright, here’s another pic of a eePanels2 texture I’m working on. Please let me know what you think.