Update! \o/

February 1, 2009

I guess most of you people have given up on me by now. Nobody is seeing any posts from me in the Interface Forum and UICavern.com doesn’t even seem to be up any longer.

So I thought I’d give you guys a status report:

I still play WoW, but I’ve migrated to Darksorrow (EU) and my name is now Siiana. I’m still working on UICavern, believe it or not, but it’s more of a school project than a serious project now. I don’t think it’ll become very big because there are really so much better sites out there. The server UICavern was on was shut down, but we will toss it up on a different server later on. For now we’re just working with it offline… I wouldn’t want to get my hopes up if I were you though, go use Curse.com or whatever. ^_^

Anyhoo’, if you miss me, I’m currently doing some videos now and then and tossing them up on YouTube. Click HERE to visit my YT channel.

Peace out. 🙂


The final update

September 10, 2008

So. I guess most of you people lost faith in me during the long break I took, and I can’t blame you.


So, what is the future for the blog and for UICavern?


Concerning the blog, consider it dead. A blog was a very stupid way to present files and UIs in the first place, and I will not continue it. The blog will still be up though, for people to download the textures or read the guides. It still has an average of 200 visitors per day which warms my heart!


And what about UICavern.com? Fear not! UICavern WILL have a future. Today, me and a classmate finally settled that we will use it for our 1-year school project. However, this classmate is not the original programmer which I worked with when I first created UICavern. The old programmer was somewhat more skilled, but we will put our brains together and work hard!


So, keep looking at UICavern.com. I know it’s been looking dead for almost a year now, but things will finally start happening to it. I might update my progress straight onto it, or in this blog – but probably not. So I guess this’ll be my final post here. Thank you for following this blog’s progress, it was a funny ride. A special thanks to Caze who’s probably been the most active reader. I’ll see you all on UICavern! 🙂


May 19, 2008

Yeah yeah, I know I’m slacking. 🙂

Unfortunately the slack will continue for now. I am not creating as many UIs as I once did – these days I become so satisfied with my UI so I don’t need to keep playing around. Also I’m not using that much art any longer for a cleaner look, which unfortunately kind of kills the soul purpose of this blog. Sure, UICavern is a great idea and I should still publish it – but as I’ve already explained, I am kind of saving it for a school project which means I cannot complete it before we start working with that project, which will be in about half a year.

Things that I should do, however, is…

… Fix the minimalist UI release that somehow did not work.

… Release my current UI.

And I will try and do this asap. However, summer time coming up and I wont be spending as much time at the computer. Survive until fall. I promise – it’ll be worth it. 😉

New UI

May 2, 2008

Well, even though I did like my old UI a lot, you always get tired after a while. The biggest change I wanted was to have more space. So I did a new UI. It looks a bit like my old PvP UI. It’s not completely done yet.

Click me.

Leave a comment if you would like it shared. Also, I still have my old UI. I have gotten a request to upload it, but I’m a bit lazy. 🙂

Minimalist UI problems

April 28, 2008

I’ve read some comments about the Minimalist UI not working as intended. Is it like this for everyone? Please drop a comment. 🙂

After two weeks of slacking I finally “completed” the UI. This UI has been harder for me to finish for me for a couple of reasons:

1) I’m not actively using it

2) I couldn’t raid test it or anything like that

3) It was just after a patch, some AddOns were buggy

If you find something that isn’t configured (Grid for sure isn’t) you’ll have to do it yourself I’m afraid. But I think most of you people just want to get your hands on the UI and then make your own personal changes, so here it is.

Screenshot. As you can see, there are no big changes.

And the download link? Uploading right now, keep your eyes on the UI section. 🙂

Most of you might also understand that it will take a while before UICavern is here. Lack of motivation is the biggest reason, me thinks. However we are thinking about finishing the site and working to improve it as a school project. Nothing is decided yet, but should this happen the site wont be released until this fall.

2.4 launched!

March 27, 2008

Aight, 2.4 is finally here. After I’ve enjoyed it some, the promised minimalist UI will be released. 🙂


March 14, 2008

Here’s a FAQ, answering some of the most common questions I get:

Q: When will UICavern be released?

A: I don’t know. Right now we’re not getting much work on it. The reason is that the coder has got school work up to his nose, and I can’t do very much on my own.

Q: Are you working on any UIs at the moment? What UI are you using?

A: As I said, I’ve worked some on a minimalist UI. However, I’ve decided to wait for patch 2.4 before releasing it. The patch will probably make it all buggy anyways. I’m still using this UI: http://ww2.beffo.se/upload/pic~/o55dscacavyh.jpg

Q: So what exactly are you doing at the moment?

A: Not much, I’m afraid. I don’t have any gametime and it’ll take a while before I buy new. That’s simply because I don’t have much to do in WoW at the moment. 😦

Q: Did you release the Gnome bounce video somewhere?

A: Yes, it’s right here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W63WG-KuoqE

Q: Will there be any more events?

A: You never know. 😉


February 29, 2008

Felt like it was time to update after all this time.

Well, me and my friend are quite busy at the moment so it’s hard for us to work with UICavern. I’m currently working with a minimalist UI (quite like the one in the previous posts), but I’m waiting for 2.4. No point in releasing it now and then it’ll be all buggy in a couple of weeks anyway. 🙂

Well, if you thought the only thing I did was UIs and art, you were wrong! Sometimes I get sick ideas and have some server events!

This saturday, 10/2, at 16PM server time, I’m going to try and recreate the Sony bravia commercial “Color like no other”. To my help I need a lot of gnomes!

Read the thread for more information. EU servers only. 🙂